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We have exstenive experience in the road building process. The fact that we have a land developing division with-in our company for many years, we understand the importance of getting your project done on time and on budget. Using Dirtworks for the construction of your road gives you the advantage of a company that covers all the bases of a road project from start to finish seamlessly as we can self perform all of the grading, class 5 placement, underground utilties, and erosion control as well as sub-contracting any concrete or bituminous paving. Below is a brief list of services we provide when it comes to building a road whether it is a new road for a housing development or re-building a county/city roadway:

  • Sub-division Road Construction
  • Municipal Road Construction
  • Large Driveways & Parking Lots
  • Grading
  • Underground Utilities
  • Class 5 Placement
  • Erosion Control

road construction services